Monday, April 4, 2011

UBC- Day 4 (Problem Solving)

 Yes, I skipped Day 3. Still Sick. :(

Day 4 is......
 Problem Solving

Pick a problem and tell your blog readers how you solved it. 

I had great plans of taking a picture for you, but it just didn't happen. So you will have to visualize a bit. 

THE PROBLEM: Having multiple kids means having multiple towels in the bathroom. I have tried assigning each child a certain color of towel. That is all well and good except when said child is wet and the certain color of towel is not available. And that doesn't address the question of where all of these towels are going to hang to dry. 

I have put command hooks on the back of the door. The towels fall and/or make the door where it wont open all the way. 

I bought an expensive over the door drying rack that broke after about 4 months of heavy, wet towels hanging. 

Then one day I was visiting a bloggy friend, when I saw the perfect solution. 

She's brilliant!! 

So I went to Hobby Lobby and found a similar system. I bought two racks that have three hooks on each and put them side by side, right outside of the shower. There's room to put their names on their hook if I get around to it. For now I have told them it's oldest to youngest and it seems to be working well. We have room for two more. ;) 

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