Thursday, April 21, 2011

A day in the life

My day began at 3am when my two middle children came in because of a massive thunderstorm. 

Since they share a room with the youngest, I was afraid she might wake up scared when she saw that they were gone, so I asked Tim to go get her too. When he laid her down next to me she looked at me and said, "I wasn't even scared." Alrighty then, next time we will leave you to your self ma'am. 

So after about 45 min of wiggling, all three were back to sleep and my sweet hubby was on the couch. 

At 6am, I received a call from my neighbor who drives the kids to school and her power is out and she wont be driving in this morning. Sweet. 

We make the hour round trip ride to school and back and walk in the house to find an open box that once contained a chocolate cross for Easter. 

I know this is terrible, but the first thought I had was, "I paid more for that than the stupid chocolate bunny that was on the shelf next to it!" Awful, I know. 

Second thought was to google how chocolate affects dogs. 

I quickly realized that the amount of chocolate multiplied by the size of my tiny dogs, was not a good combo. 

So I called the vet. They were not open yet. So I put the dogs and Vivian in the car to be at the vets office when they open. When we got there, I noticed that someone was already there, so I run in like a mad woman asking them what I need to do for the dumb precious puppy that has eaten chocolate. At this point, I could see the evidence on one of their faces but not the other, so I wasn't sure if they both snacked or not. The awesome vet told me what to do at home, so no $$ required! A benefit of living in a small town. 

So back home we all go, and I get the peroxide out and try to get the little one, who still has chocolate on her face, to drink it first. 

Or not.

She acted like I was trying to rip her little face off. So I called Tim and got cranky with him because he couldn't stop what he was doing and drive home to show this little 7lb puppy who is boss. 

I went back in to the bathroom with a new attitude and got some of it down her throat, and most of it all over the bath tub. Then I realized that I was out of peroxide. 

So Vivian and I ran to the little store right up the road and bought another bottle. While in the car, I called and apologized to Tim for being snippy and he suggested a medicine dropper. Aha!!

I went back into the bathroom with the medicine dropper, the new bottle of peroxide and decided to DO THIS THING!!

Now during all of this imagine a little voice behind you narrating your EVERY MOVE. Sweet, sweet Vivian was very interested in every step I took. 

After a few min, all of that chocolate came right up and we were in the clear. 

Then all I had to do was give both dogs a bath (which may or may not have resulted in myself and the entire bathroom being soaking wet because the sprayer had a mind of it's own,) blow dry their hair, brush them, mop the bathroom floor, wash all the towels and floor mat, wash my clothes and take a shower myself.  

I am exhausted and it's only 10:30!!

Let's recap the blessings...

Both dogs are still alive
It only cost me about .25 worth of peroxide
No one got hurt even though all of this happened before I had my coffee

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