Monday, March 22, 2010

Just doing a little shaving.....

I was getting ready to leave the other day for a busy afternoon of a birthday party, soccer practice, dinner with friends, a lock-in for Mackenzie, etc and I had told Leah and Vivian to brush their teeth.

Here's where a clone of myself might actually be a nice idea. Will that be covered under the new plan? haha

I had laid clothes out for them to put on after they brushed their teeth. Meanwhile, I am making 27 trips out to the van trying to pack up anything and everything we might need for an 8 hour excursion with kids and the dog. So I call up to the girls to find out the status, and Vivian says, "I am bleeding." I am stricken with how calm she sounds since usually any sight of blood will immediately present the need to scream so loudly that they neighbors down the road can hear. I run up the steps and sure enough, her face is bleeding. So I ask, "What happened to your face?" "We were cutting." Ummmm, Ok. With what and where is the other part of the "we?" As she showed me the cutting instrument, the other half of "we" appears and is also CALMLY bleeding from the face.


Leah had decided it seemed like a good idea to shave her face with her teenage sisters razor that shouldn't have been accessible in the first place. And if that wasn't bad enough, then handed it to Vivian so she could have a turn. WHAT?!?!?!??!?!?

At this point, I have gone from mildly irritated to irate, in a matter of seconds. Mad at myself for leaving them in the bathroom unattended for 2.5 min, mad at Leah for not protecting her sister from this pain, mad at the oldest for not obeying by leaving the razor out and mad at Tim for raising such people.

Wait a min, how did he get into this? He wasn't even home.

Exactly. Isn't it amazing how quickly that flesh rises up and creates havoc in our hearts?

A very humbling day in the life of this mama.

And a couple of pics of the job. It's been a few days now so the wounds have healed some.