Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

We have been going to the beach on vacation for 5 years. Tim's aunt and uncle have a condo in Destin and graciously allow us to use it for free. It's a perfect location. It's on the beach and has two pools. This set up has been wonderful for us and we have been able to vacation even when we had tiny babies and toddlers.

We arrived yesterday for our annual trip. And we are quickly realizing that this year is different for us. First of all, we got here with only having to stop once and that was to eat lunch. Today was completely different experience for us. They got up early, so after we ate breakfast and got ready we headed out with our gear. Lots of gear but the fun kind. Not bottles, swim diapers, sun tents, etc. Just toys and fun stuff. We went out at 9 and stayed out for 3 hours until lunch. We came in and ate lunch and headed right back out. And we were out until 5. Since we got here yesterday, I have read an entire book and listened to my fav music on my ipod.

We are really cherishing this stage where the girls are very tansportable and easy. We really needed this vacation. We were all worn out from the day to day. And we are having a great time!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wonderful timing

Mackenzie slept over for a party last night and this morning the mom of the birthday girl and I took all 8 girls to their neighborhood yard sales. This is a HUGE neighborhood so there were lots of good deals to be had. I got a travel system (car seat and stroller) for the little man for $25, a brand new dvd movie for .50 and some misc clothes and shoes. When we got back to her house, her neighbors were closing up their sale. They were loading all of the leftovers on to their truck to take to Goodwill. So I went over to take a look and asked if they had baby boy clothes. It turned out that was mostly what they had left. I told them that we were adopting and she told me I could have all 8 boxes of clothes! And these are nice clothes Gap, Hannah Anderson, etc plus a carseat that didn't sell.

God is so good!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Many blessings to report.....

Our homestudy is written. Which means that it is headed to our agency and we are officially in the waiting process of our adoption.

We had a yardsale last weeked to help fund our adoption and made almost $500!! Part of that came from a sweet mother and grandmother of an adopted child that live right down the street. They were the first ones at the sale on Friday and absolutely knocked my socks off with their gernerosity and concern for us.

Our sweet, sweet friends from church are organizing a church-wide sale at their house in a few weeks. They are an amazing couple and just went through a really heart-breaking time. Their only daughter just miscarried her first child a couple of weeks ago. So in honor of their little one, they want to donate all the $$ that they make in the sale to our adoption.

We are so grateful to have people in our lives who truly support and love this journey that we're on.