Monday, April 30, 2012

The difference in boys and girls

One of the things that we have never had to consider before is the difference between boys and girls. 

Remember, 15 years of girls only. 

Then, one day, we put a two year old boy in the mix. 

Something we have never had to think about is what to call the part that is different. 
So we have been taking a poll of our friends to see what they use. 
Easton is well aware that he has one and he talks about it a lot, but he hadn't given it a name. 
Or so we thought. 

And we hadn't gotten a clear answer from the Lord on it yet. 

Ok, we just haven't found something that doesn't make us crack up laughing every time. 

But two nights ago, our son informed us that he already has a name for it. Beena. Not sure if this is actually the Lugandan name for it or not. But he knew that "Mommy no have beena." So he knew the context. lol

Being that he has a twin sister who wants everything he has, this has become a sore subject. 

Evie says, "My want beena!" And cries when he tells her that she doesn't have one. 

Sorry, honey. I just can't help you there. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Today I celebrate.....

My sweet Leah who is 7 years old!!!!

Sweet baby!

So laid back


Such a character
Beautiful blue eyed girl
Always getting into something

So funny

Always willing to cheese it up for mama

Immediately willing to share her most prized possession in the world, Brownie!
Such a sweet big sister
Loves animals
So curious 

Always ready to do a "show" with her sisters

Stepped right into big sister role again

Always putting others before herself

We love you Leah. You have such a beautiful heart for others. 
You are such a blessing to us!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random thoughts

We have been home 4 weeks now. 

The fog has lifted. A little bit. 

Here are some thoughts for now......

In those years when the girls were little and I thought that having children close together was pretty much like having twins, I was wrong. Having twins is whole different ball game. They really do have their own language. They really do have a competitive nature. They both have their own personality. 

My older girls all love to help. It's a wonderful thing. However, there can be such a thing as too much help.

This mama has only ever known girls. For 15 years. And every single thing Easton does amazes me. Going down the slide head first. Going into the restroom at Target and seeing the handicap bars on the side, jumping up on them and saying, "Mommy, it's time for swinging!" Throwing his ball to try to hit the ceiling fan with it. His little brain never stops trying to figure things out. It's awesome!

Having 6 children is louder than having 4.

Adoption is beautiful, amazing and hard.

Monday, April 9, 2012


It's amazing to me how children crave structure and familiarity. I have always loved it when my girls would do something because they had seen me do it or because we talked about it so much. The twins are already picking up on their familiar things around here. 

Before nap and bedtime every time now Easton says, "No talking!"

Today they were helping me clean out my closet and Evie saw the clothes that I wore home on the airplane and said, "We went on the airplane with mommy!" 

When I lay them down to change their diapers, I always hold their head and when it lays down I say, bump. So the other day, I was laying Easton down and before I could say it, he said, "Say bump!" 

Tim has been telling Easton that his truck is Easton's truck. So today Easton said, "Daddy go bye bye in my truck!" 

It's just amazing to me how fast they are picking up and how "normal" it feels for them to be here. 

We are blessed!