Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 months home and a winner!!

Yesterday we celebrated 5 months home!!!

It still doesn't feel real some days. 

We finalized our adoption on Mon. Now the twins are US citizens and it's officially official. 


The winner of the giveaway for the Veggie Tales movie, The Penniless Princess is....


Thanks y'all!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My first giveaway-Veggie Tales!!!

I know, we have been awfully quiet over here. 

We are all doing really well. We soaked up every bit of summer and the girls all just started back to school. 

Being a mom of 6 is CRAZY!!!!!!

It's awesome and the twins are adjusting so well to our family. But man, busy doesn't even begin to cut it. 

But I do want announce that on AUG 15th, in honor of 5 months home, we will be having our first giveaway at the Brown Brigade. 
The awesome folks at Veggie Tales have sent me a copy of their new DVD...The Penniless Princess to review. It's a cute, cute "rags to riches" story of an orphaned girl. 

My girls loved it! Even my "not-so-girly" "way-to-cool-for-veggies-tales" 8 year old. 

The dvd will be available on Aug 14th for purchase. 

Or you can win it here on Aug 15th!!

Rules for the giveaway:
1. Post a comment here on the blog. 
2. "Like" The Brown Brigade on Facebook for a 2nd entry. Come back here and post that you liked us. 
3. Share this link on your fb page or blog for a 3rd entry. Come back and post that you shared.  

And rejoice with us that on Aug 15th, we will celebrate 5 months of having the twinnies home!!!!

Thanks y'all!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Ugandan Adoption Journey

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How things are going...

Really, really well.

Seriously things are going great. We just hit the three month home mark. All the other kids are home from school. We have time to just relax and spend time together. And I love it!

Some happenings....

We have been going to the pool with our friends. And after 4 days Easton is jumping in!

Leah and Vivian have been "texting" each other on our old phones. It's so cute because the tell each other what the "text" says and then they say, woosh" like the sound that our phones make when they send a text.

Evie loves to dance. I mean LOVES it. She entertained our small group for an hour the other night. So I am putting her in dance in the fall.

Leah, Madison and Vivian are all taking gymnastics for the summer. Madison is doing tumbling and Leah and Vivian are doing traditional gymnastics. They are all loving it but Leah is a natural. She has a real talent but when the woman asked her about moving up to a higher level class, she said no because she didn't want to leave Vivian.

Mackenzie is loving volleyball practice and babysitting. Oh and sleeping in. ;)

Madison got her black belt. She is a warrior!

Evie and I are having a great time leaning all about hair. She loves when I do her hair and will sit for over an hour!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My son

My son is a mommy's boy. I am quite good with that. I told him tonight that we were going to be playing with friends tomorrow. He said," Don't like friends. Like mommy." Well, I guess that settles it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A glimpse into the life of me

We have been hit with a virus and are now on kid # 3 being down for the count.

The victim this week is Leah so she stayed home yesterday from school because she just wasn't feeling herself.

She did normal things like lay around, watch tv, play on the ipad, etc.

She got worse last night, so I was sitting with her on the couch when I got a text.

My friend said, "Did you see Leah's post in Pinterest?"

Ummm, My Leah?

She said, "Yes!! Go look at your handmade gifts board."

And this is what I found......

Apparently she wasn't too sick to figure out how to take silly pictures of herself and upload them to Pinterest.

Did I mention she just turned 7?

Someone help me!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I really try to be real and open about my life. 

I want those around me to know that I am human, I struggle and needs God's grace just as much as everyone else. 

I am not super woman. 

Recently I had a friend walk away from our friendship because of the hard truth that I shared about adoption. As hurtful as that is, I am not sorry that I shared. I wouldn't be a very good friend if I didn't share the whole truth. And the worst part would be for anyone to miss the beautiful restoration that God is doing in our lives through this adoption process. It's messy and hard, but that's where redemption happens! In the pit of despair, we reach out to the Father that allowed the crucifixion of his son for our mess. I share because I don't want anyone to miss that.

I recently shared my STORY over at A safe place to share