Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A fundraising grant opportunity!!

We have started fundraising to bring our babies home!!! 

And Ordinary Hero is stepping in to help us out. 

NOW is the time to order Ordinary Hero gear. 

Now through Sunday there are offering a $500 grant to the top seller!!! Plus there's another $250 grant available to us because we are brand new to selling with them. 

40% of your purchase goes towards our adoption costs. Simply choose my name from the drop-down affiliate box. Sale prices applicable through Sunday! 

Can you please help us? They have GREAT items to choose from. Beautiful jewelery, orphan-minded t-shirts for the whole family, etc. They even have some items on clearance this week. 

There are also options to donate items to families in need. You can feed 40 people in Ethiopia with your donation of one sheep!!!

All of our fundraising efforts will also be matched by Promise 686, up to $6,000. 

Take a look and Thank you!!! :) 

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