Monday, July 24, 2006

More pool pics

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Pool Time!!

We also went to the pool up at Tim's grandmother house in Elijay on Sat. We had a great time and the littles are finally used to the pool!

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Blueberry Picking

We set our alarms on a Saturday so we could go blueberry picking this past weekend. It was very wet but it wasn't too hot. We had a cold front come through so it was only about 85 and the humidity was down a little too. Leah was not very enthused with our outing so we didn't get as much as we would have liked. Madison loved it. We just had to remind her to only pick the blue ones. And Mackenzie had her friend Abigail with us, so that always makes for a great time.

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Watching fireworks

David is taking the girls for a spin

Madison and Leah having a popsicle with Joel

Another one of Tyler's famous faces

Leah hanging out with the big kids
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Hanging out on 4th of July

Tyler, Nana, Daddy and Mackenzie

Nanny telling Mackenzie and Madison a story

Madi and Leah playing the piano
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4th of July Pics

Nanny, jamming out!

Grandma, just taking in all of the action.

Paw Paw and Benny, relaxing after our meal

Selena and Tyler
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A few more

Just being silly


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More pics of our visit

All of the kids with Paw Paw

Madison and Leah playing the piano

Erica, Leah and Madison

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A visit from the Bostonians!

Leah taking a dip in the pool

Nana reading "No more monkies jumping on the bed for the 100th time!

Leah, Tyler, Madison and Erica relaxing in the pool

Mackenzie and Tyler having a great time at the pool

Nana, Madison and Erica hanging out.