Friday, April 15, 2011

My week in review

I am really loving linking up over at Filled With Praise My Week in Review. I am challenged weekly to focus on what God is doing in my life. It's a great accountability tool for me.
Highs for the week:

This week was busy.

I had something that took me away from home every day. That equals lots of drive time for me and Vivian. It also means lots of sweet discussion and singing together.

We went to school and had lunch with the big girls. I brought in cupcakes to celebrate Leah's birthday, which is next week. I love catching a glimpse into their day and interacting with them while they are with their friends.

Cupcakes in the classroom. Madison got to pop over from her class for a few minutes.

Mama and Leah

I also was able to go to MOPS this week. It strikes me as funny that I have a daughter entering high school in the fall, and I have just joined MOPS for the first time. Now I realize, I have been missing out! This week was such a sweet time. A group of older women came in to serve the younger women with a tea party. Women who have grown children and now have grand children, ministering to moms with young children. Priceless! There was also a time of testimony that really touched my heart. These women truly love God and are so thankful to Him for the relationships that He has places in their lives through Mops. Women so need other women in their everyday lives. Such a great source of encouragement and accountability. I am really looking forward to getting more involved with these ladies in the fall and building some relationships.

Lows of the week:
The hubster and I had to make a decision this week that was difficult.

Lesson learned:

This was a week of reflection for me.

And what I came away with God's timing is perfect.

And He loves me right where I am. Ugly flaws and all, I am a precious child to Him.

I deserve His wrath, but I have His Mercy.   

Filled With Praise


Amy said...

I have thought about joining MOPS. I am glad to hear you rave about how good it is. I might look into it more seriously now.

I love your lesson learned. Thank you so much for sharing it.

meredith and justin said...

I love MOPS too. It always makes my day to spend time with other moms. I'm sorry you had to make a tough decision, but thankful God could teach you something through it.

Anonymous said...

I really like your lesson learned. That seems to be my mantra lately. God, I know your timing is perfect. Over and over.

Just stopping by from Amy's!

Anonymous said...

I just had to say...after reading your About page...I am from north Georgia too :)

The Annessa Family said...

Your lesson learned reminds me of something our Pastor brought up last week...that we could never repay God for what He has given us. All we can do is our best to follow in His footsteps. He laid down his life for us - and we are called to do the same.

Love your heart!

Brooke Annessa