Sunday, January 30, 2011

Show us your life- Adoption Stories

I am linking up over at Kelly's Korner. She does a weekly "show us your life" feature. This week it's adoption stories. So far 217 bloggers have joined!! Talk about inspiring. You can check it out at Show us your life-Adoption Stories.

Our adoption journey.....

Our journey began about 5 years ago. Before we had our last bio daughter, God began to plant the seeds of adoption in our heart. We had friends at church who adopted a baby boy from Guatemala. And we were hooked. We had our daughter in 12/06 and were settling into life with 4 children. We had complications in our pregnancies that made it clear that having anymore biological babies wasn't a wise decision.

I had another friend by this time who had adopted 2 daughters from China. We had a prayer time for her one evening and she shared her story. And my heart changed forever. She had two grown sons and shared with us that she always knew God had a daughter for her. Hearing her story gave me the freedom to realize that my heart longed for a son here on earth. We have a son, Jacob who was born with Prune Belly Syndrome and only lived on this earth with us for 6 short hours.

Over the next couple of years God continued to close doors for our adoption dreams. We believed international adoption was the only way for us and God continued to show us that this was not true. Countries doors closed to adoption, finances were not suitable and we couldn't meet some of the requirements. We continued to pray and ask God to show us the way.

In May of 2010, I went to coffee with a friend of a friend who works for a domestic agency. I was not counting on much coming from the meeting. I thought that domestic adoption was reserved for those who couldn't have bio children. One of the first things she asked me was were we open to a child of another race. Absolutely! And she shared a truth that I was very unaware of. African American males are the least adoptable children in the US. That absolutely breaks my heart even now.

We began our homestudy the next week. We were given the name of an agency here in GA with vey affordable fees and we began the process. We are currently waiting for a birthmom to choose us to love her baby. It is all in God's hands and His timing will be perfect.


Sean and Lisa said...

I am so excited to hear you are open to adopting a precious AA babe!! We have been richly blessed with our own AA blessing and I can't wait until God brings another one into our hearts and home!!
Congrats on stepping out in faith! Can't wait to see whom God has chosen for your beautiful family!!
Much love!

Audrey B said...

Thank you so much!