Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adoption Timeline

June 2006~Began talking about adoption

July 2007~Heard an adoption story that changed my heart and my life

August 2007~ Began researching agencies

Sept 2007-Dec 2008~ God closed one door after another but continued to show us that we needed to press on in our search for a way to serve Him through adoption

Jan 2009~ Began the process of foster to adopt

March 2009~ Pulled out of the program, just not feeling it was right for us

April 2009-April 2010~ Continued to pray and ask God for guidance on our journey

May 2010~ Finally contacted a woman who I had been referred to years
before, regarding domestic adoption.

Late May 2010- Talked with Tim and decided to begin our homestudy and pursue domestic adoption

June 2010~ Working on homestudy paperwork

July 2010~ Working on paperwork, collecting documents, dr's visits, etc

Aug 2010 ~ Adoption seminar at our agency

Sept 2010- Waiting on a form from DFCS

Oct 2010~ 2nd seminar at adoption agency and fundraising yard sale

Nov 2010-Last meeting with agency, profiles out to birthmoms, officially waiting to be matched