Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Punch buggy one of the ways that the girls deal with being in the car so much. I am not quite sure who came up with the idea to punch someone else when you see a car, but I am know it's been around for a very long time. It's hilarious to hear what is said in the course of the game....

Punch buggy Blue!!
Nuh uh, I didn't see it!!!
Well, I did and that's 5 punches.
No, it's 1 punch!!
No, when you saw one last time you said it was 5 punches!!!
That's not fair!!
Yes, it is!
No it's not!
Mama!!! She said it's too many punches.
Never mind, I just punched myself.

Punch buggy red!!
No Vivian, that's not a punch buggy.
Yes it is a punch buggy!!
No, it's not!!!
(Mama)It's ok Vivian. Here, punch mommy.

Punch buggy yellow!
That's 2 punches.
(Mom) Wait, a min, why do different colors have different number of punches?
I don't like the color yellow, don't punch me.
Ok, I'll punch Vivian.
Wahhhhh, I don't want to get punched!!

Punch buggy convertible!!
That's 5 punches.
Punch me!!
No, I punched you last time.
Wahhhhh, mama!!! I wanted her to punch me!!


Cristy said...

Hahaha!!!! I remember punch buggy when we were little too!

Anonymous said...

this has been going on in our car too lately, and we finally had to just ban the game altogether. basically, mama got tired of being punched when I was trying to drive and text at the same time. (totally kidding... sort of)