Thursday, May 13, 2010

An overdue update on life

Lots of happenings at our house.

In March our business was so slow that we questioned if we should continue or not. We prayed that God would make it clear to us and show us what we needed to do. In the weeks that followed, we got back on Dave Ramsey's plan of using cash only and have been watching every dime. We are tying to be better stewards of what God has provided. God has answered our prayer quickly by bringing more extra work in the last few weeks than we had all last year!! It is clear that this business is where we should be for now.

We have also decided to try to sell our house. We love where we live and we LOVE our neighbors but the reality is that the driving is affecting our joy as a family. We don't want our kids to miss out on things or feel like they are burdening us because everything is so far away. We also want to be more involved in our church. So the house is going on the market!

We are wrapping up the school year in the next two weeks. This is such a bittersweet time for me. This year has been such a change and next year will continue to be as well. Our girls all have their own interests and we are being pulled in different directions for activities and fun. Mackenzie has done phenomenal in school this year as well as really enjoying chorus and volleyball. Madison is finishing up Kindergarten and learning karate. Leah will be coninuing in dance and heading to school for the first time. In the fall, Vivian will be at home with mommy alone for the first time in her life. Where did the time go?

As I am reflecting on this school year, I am humbled by what God has done for us. He made it possible for us to send our children to a wonderful school whose focus is our Lord. This is the first year that I have looked back and been truly happy with what we have accomplished as a family in regards to schooling. We are blessed beyond measure.

Which leads into my next update. We have decided to actively pursue adoption. We have been praying through this for years and have never seen exactly how we could begin. Our heart has always been to adopt internationally from a hispanic country. But God has another plan for now. We have recently been made aware of a great need right here in our own country. Due to many factors, we have decided to pursue domestic African American adoption. Our paperwork is in the mail, so we are expecting to have a baby boy in about 6 months or so! God has placed a desire in us to open our family to a child who doesn't have one and may never hear the Gospel. We know that this will not be easy. But few things that are eternally rewarding are easy. There will be things that we must learn in adopting interracially and we are praparing for that. We are coveting your prayers through this journey.

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