Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cleaning out the van

We have a 15 passenger van. We have taken the back row out for more room in the back. It doesn't have many luxuries like pockets on the back of seats or other storage things like that. The floor is open all the way back, so it's not uncommon for me to brake quickly and things come flying to the front. During the school year, I had a great plan of cleaning it out. Every day Tuesday, during my 3 hours of alone time, I went to the carwash. I was motivated by the fact that at carpool things wouldn't fall out and hit the poor soul who was bringing the kids to the van. I actually got a couple of compliments throughout the year about clean it was. hahahahaha

Now that school is out, I am not on that schedule, and it's 900 degrees, so it hasn't been cleaned out in about three weeks. I decided to add it to the chore list for Madi and Leah this summer so that I could get some assistance. So Mon was the day. Armed with 27 Target bags, we got out all of the things that need not be in the van. Shoes, purses, books, papers, coloring books, markers, stickers, etc. Then there was the trash. Oh the trash. Quick trip cups, church bulletins, wrappers from water bottles, whole granola bars that had one bite missing, wadded up gum, gum wrappers that were not used for used gum, etc. And one for the record books...

***************21 WATER BOTTLES ****************

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Anonymous said...

you got us beat!! thankfully I am married to a neat freak who hates to drive the vehicle once a week if it's a mess, so it stays in ok condition. Although - I noticed yesterday it's gathering some trash and clutter. it almost feels like an extension of our house, you know? anyway - this seems like a good project for tomorrow before we go to the pool. :)