Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dude wook!!

...translated "dude look." You know you're saying "dude" too much when your baby says it!!


Anonymous said...

YOU'RE the one saying 'dude' all the time??? In our house, we're yelling at Jesse everytime HE says it. I'm so sick of the word 'dude.' DUDE!!! Gah.

Audrey B said...

I say it all the time. I don't even know where it came from. The hot button word at our house is "like." Mackenzie says it 473 times a day!

Anonymous said...

the other thing we're trying to break the kids (well, Jesse & Molly) of saying is "awesome." Every time one of them says that, we say "God is the only thing that is awesome." Hopefully, they'll get it one of these days. I'll forgive your use of "dude." But only cause I love you, dude.