Sunday, December 7, 2008

Causing a ruckus at church

So we are visiting a new church. We have been a few times and are trying to keep our kids in the service with us. I swear Vivian associates the building with eating. As soon as we walk in the door, she is asking for snacks. It's a small congregation so there's no way of not causing a scene. Today we came prepared with snacks and talked the whole way there about how we are going to wait until the preaching starts to have snack. Apparently the almost two-year old brain retains all information except the fact that there's no snack until after we sing. She asked the entire time! Then three songs in, Leah has to go potty. So we tromp out and back in. Then the sermon starts and we all break out the snacks. Then Vivian wants to talk it through. LOUDLY. Her brain also doesn't seem to understand whispering. So the entire sermon I spend shushing her and rotating raisins and goldfish. And the cup. Can't forget the cup the she completely downed in two secs and proceeded to throw on the chair next to us and make a deafening sound that she thought was funny. We manage to get almost through the sermon and then we have to have another potty break/nose-blowing break. I think it's just an excuse to visit every potty that we can.

All in all, they did pretty well. Things started to get ugly when we started communion so Tim took them out for that. Which is always good b/c they always want to know why everyone else is having a snack that they can't have.

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