Sunday, December 14, 2008

The birthday madness continues...

December is INSANE in our house with birthdays. But oh so much fun!! Yesterday we had the combined family party. And the theme was cupcakes. I made the littles tutus to wear. And they were adorable. However, both of the little birthday girls were cranky, so we didn't get a good picture. So stay tuned as I dress them all up again and threaten them to get a good picture! LOL

Here are some that we did get.

This is the "in process" shot of the giant cupcake cake that I made.

The decorations

Madison with her balloon bouquet The cake (It was so cute that I didn't want to cut it!)

Vivi with the pinata
Madison really liked this part of the party
We were even able to get a picture of the elusive tween. This was her party too, although she is adamently against the mommy paparazzi.
This may be the only shot that you can see her cupcake tights and shoes
Madison loved her Samantha book. She is really into American Girl this year.
Are we done yet?

At least you can sort of see her cupcake sweater here.

A few people brought small gifts for Leah which was so sweet. She did so good yesterday.
Yeah, this is as close as I got to a picture of their tutus.


Lori said...

So cute! So 3 of them have birthdays in December??? Plus Christmas all in the same month! Yikes!!

Audrey B said...

Yes, the 8th, 14th and 19th. And our anniv is the 29th. It's just a non-stop party!!