Thursday, July 10, 2008

A warning

Another thing to think about in regards to kid's safety. This is a friend of a friend's story.

Hi friends,
I wanted to share with you all about a scary accident that happened to my son over the summer. My son Smythe(1) and I went to the playground yesterday to play. We were getting to go down the green plastic slide just like the ones we have at school. As he begins to go down he rolls to his tummy and starts screaming. I immediately grabbed him and realized how hot the slide was. When I picked him up I noticed that his skin was rubbed off his belly. I then saw that his hands and fingers were losing skin as well. We ran home and I called 911 because I was alone with him and my 3 year old. When they arrived they took us by ambulance to Scottish Rite Hospital. They said that we needed to go to the burn unit so that's where we have been this morning. They had to do surgery on him this morning. He suffered 2nd degree burns and had to get some new skin put on his burns. They scraped off all of his blisters on his fingers and covered them with new skin as well. We feel very lucky that it didn't burn his face. I am telling you this as a warning. I would of never thought to check a plastic slide for temperature. Please be careful, it is so hot out there and you never know what could happen. I am sending some photos of his burns. I am still in shock that this could happenctures from AMy

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