Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"There are only two choices...

To please God or to please yourself. Which choice are you making?"

That's what a sweet friend challenged me with last night. Talk about hard to hear. The reality is, I most often choose myself. And I haven't even realized that is what I am doing. But last night was the beginning of me being able to answer that question differently. My only goal in my life should be to please God. I get so worked up with having to do this and do that and I feel like I am spinning in circles sometimes. Doing a lot but doing nothing well. God has shown me that if I will make the choice to please Him, He will direct me with all of those responsibilites that I have. What a comfort to know that I am not in this alone. I have my maker to guide me and help me. And to know that all the things that I go through are hand picked for me so that I will more like Christ! I really needed the reminder.


A Family of Searses said...

Praise God!!!

Cristy said...

We ALL need that reminder!

Our sinful flesh screams, "PICK ME" and it's easy to answer the loudest voice, but what joy when we quiet ourselves, deny ourselves, and submit ourselves to His will.

Its a work in progress for sure!