Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th was kind of a bummer for me

I can't really explain it other than I felt down. It was the first year in several that we didn't have a party. I didn't really feel up for doing it this year, but at the same time missed having everyone here. I really love to entertain. We didn't go to a parade and only 2 of us went to the fireworks. It wasn't a bad day, I just felt kind of off. Tim was planning to take Mackenzie and Madison to the fireworks at least, but then Mackenzie got in trouble (for like the 15th time this week) so he just took Madison. I think it was a blessing though b/c they had a really nice time. And in a house with 4 kids, it's tough to get that one on one sometimes. So that was nice for them. We had a nice relaxing day, but I am a little bummed that we didn't do our traditional dress them in patriotic stuff and take pictures and all of that. But I did work out last night and not having a party kept me from killing my diet yesterday.

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Cristy said...

Okay BIG YEAH for working out! Sometimes the quiet holidays are a bummer...I'm sorry you had one of those.

We are looking forward to Friday!