Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leah's bday

She turned three on Sunday. And what I have to say about the day, is that is was blog worthy. First we decided to skip Sunday school and hang out and let her open her gifts. It turned out to be a great idea. We left church about 12:30. We were headed to pick up a cake and meet Tim, Kit, Amy, Philip and Lydia at Sweet Tomatoes. Did I mention it was 12:30? The largest church in Woodstock was also getting out at the same time. So it took us about 20 min to go three miles. We get the cookie cake, and head out. Another 15 minutes to get to the highway which is about 4 miles. It takes us another 10 min to get down to Kennesaw. Get a call from Tim that they have gotten to Sweet Tomatoes and the line is out the door with no where to sit.

Ok, so we head over to Golden Corral. It's crowded but not crazy. I go in and talk with the head lady or whoever and ask her if we can get a table 11 people for my daughter's bday. She says we have to go through the line. I say, "We have small children and need to make sure we will have a table when we get down there." Oh yes, it's no problem. So we wait for them to get there and all go through the line. Guess what they say when we all get our trays, our kids, our cake and all of our gifts down to the end of the line? There's no table available. So then the mgr comes over and tells us we will have to wait. I try to explain that this is what I was trying to avoid by coming in beforehand. Apparently I am speaking in a loud tone, because people are staring and my husband is embarrased. So we stand and wait for another 10 min blocking the door with our entourage.

I have to stop here and just tell you how I praise God for the children. I am sure they were starving but they all sat quietly while we waited.

We left there at 3:00pm. So much for a quick lunch. Once we were there Tim said, "I heard this is the most crowded Golden Corral in GA." And it showed!

All in all it was a fun day for Miss Leah. Oh and wondering where the pics are? Well, the camera was set on a funky setting (no doubt thanks to one of my sweet girls) so they all came out blurry.

This is the best one we have


Cristy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Leah!

Isn't that always the way? Gianna's b-day was cancelled for the tornados!

Anonymous said...

these memories will be so precious in years to come... no one ever thinks twice about the perfect, off-without-a-hitch ones... :) Happy Birthday to Leah!! How time does fly!

Anonymous said...

oh, my dad ran into Aaron Crisler at the GMA week stuff yesterday - he says Hi. He's one of the the GMA's official photographers. Good for him!!