Friday, April 25, 2008

AWESOME yard sale day!!

I am so blessed. Today my neighbor's daughter (who babysits for us a good bit now) offered to watch the kids for me and her mom to go yard saling. It was just such a blessing to be able to go and chat with a friend and walk around at the sales. We met up and caravanned with my other die hard buddies, Lisa, Aimee and Amy.

Normally it's pack up the car the night before with the dvd player, snacks, lunch, drinks, toys, extra clothes, etc. Move the kids seats around so that Leah and Madi and closer to me just in case, knowing the fighting that will begin once they realize they are next to each other. Having to stop 15 times to go potty. Only being able to do drive by's at the sales. When I do spot something, I put Mackenzie on guard. She has to lock the door and honk if anyone bothers them. Listen to them screaming from the car while I look at one shirt before being embarrassed by the screaming and the potential threat of DFACS and heading back to the car. Yelling, crying, threatening, reaching, pulling, etc. Every time saying, "We are never going to another yard sale again!"

But not today. It was awesome! Mackenzie and Kayla (my neighbor's other daughter) came with us and we had a great time.

Here are my deals...

Bike for Madi-$5
Big Wheel for Leah-$3
6 books for Kenz-$3
A Melissa and Doug play toaster complete with bread and butter that velcro's-$3
Wiggles flash light-$1
Princess portable dvd player-$2
a baby doll-$1
New curious george puzzle-$1
The game called Life-$2
A new Dora game-$2
A trunk for the dress up clothes-.50!!!!
2 sets of Lincoln Logs-$5
potty seat that flips up when not in use-.50
American girl book-$2
New coloring books-$1
beanie babies-$.75

Cowboy boots $5
Dress $5
4 shirts and two pairs of shorts-$5


9 dresses $9
6 shirts $10
a shorts overall outfit #2
capris $1
shorts $1
2 pairs of brown shoes $2
2 pairs of sandals $.75!!!


Tiffany said...

oh my word, that is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Great job!! We have a sale to do this weekend, but I have yet to get out the firs thing I want to sell... I should be in a de-cluttering mode right now, but I have no motivation. Hopefully, the nesting phase will kick in sometime this week.