Monday, April 30, 2012

The difference in boys and girls

One of the things that we have never had to consider before is the difference between boys and girls. 

Remember, 15 years of girls only. 

Then, one day, we put a two year old boy in the mix. 

Something we have never had to think about is what to call the part that is different. 
So we have been taking a poll of our friends to see what they use. 
Easton is well aware that he has one and he talks about it a lot, but he hadn't given it a name. 
Or so we thought. 

And we hadn't gotten a clear answer from the Lord on it yet. 

Ok, we just haven't found something that doesn't make us crack up laughing every time. 

But two nights ago, our son informed us that he already has a name for it. Beena. Not sure if this is actually the Lugandan name for it or not. But he knew that "Mommy no have beena." So he knew the context. lol

Being that he has a twin sister who wants everything he has, this has become a sore subject. 

Evie says, "My want beena!" And cries when he tells her that she doesn't have one. 

Sorry, honey. I just can't help you there. 


Jolie said...

this is an awesome post! It is so wonderful to hear. Good luck!!

Jenni Fraire said...

I remember my daughter at the wise age of 5 (whose brother is only 21 months older than her) telling me in the grocery store one day that she knew what made boys and girls different. Knowing that it hadn't been that long ago that they used to take baths together (not to mention my son forgot to close the bathroom door half the time), I wasn't surprised to hear this, but curious, nonetheless, to hear how she would word the answer. After looking around to make sure no one was going to overhear, I asked her what it was. She said that girls have long hair and boys have short hair. Um, o.k. then. And that's when I realized my daughter was not terribly observant or had the ability to completely ignore things she didn't understand. Which is probably easier to deal with as a mom than your scenario. Blessings as you figure it all out!!

Rachel Goode said...

Ha!!! I'd we ever enter the world of boys, I need to remember the word "beena" :)