Monday, April 9, 2012


It's amazing to me how children crave structure and familiarity. I have always loved it when my girls would do something because they had seen me do it or because we talked about it so much. The twins are already picking up on their familiar things around here. 

Before nap and bedtime every time now Easton says, "No talking!"

Today they were helping me clean out my closet and Evie saw the clothes that I wore home on the airplane and said, "We went on the airplane with mommy!" 

When I lay them down to change their diapers, I always hold their head and when it lays down I say, bump. So the other day, I was laying Easton down and before I could say it, he said, "Say bump!" 

Tim has been telling Easton that his truck is Easton's truck. So today Easton said, "Daddy go bye bye in my truck!" 

It's just amazing to me how fast they are picking up and how "normal" it feels for them to be here. 

We are blessed!

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