Thursday, September 29, 2011


I believe as Christians, sometimes we are given situations where God simply wants obedience. 

No questions asked, just do it. 

That happened to us this week. 

On the way home from the beach on Sun, I had a talk with my hubby. 

I told him that I had been praying and asking God what should I do while I am waiting. 

And the answer I got on Sun was, "GO!" 

I thought for sure when I told hubby this he would laugh. 

After all, who does that. 

Who takes an extra trip to Africa during their adoption process? Who leaves their 4 children at home and disrupts regular life without having to? Who spends 2k on a trip to Africa when they are saving every penny to adopt? 

But you know what he said when I told him? 

He said, "Go."

He wanted me to obey God and was willing to do whatever it took. 

Monday was a really hard day. Coming back to real life. And the reality that weeks and weeks had passed with no news. And this burden on my heart to "Go." 

It's scary to think about going to Africa without my hubby. 
I prayed and asked God to make it crystal clear. Hit me over the head please!

I sent an email to my friend who might know of others traveling to Africa. This would be my first mission trip and my first international flight. I most definitely didn't want to go alone. 

Within a couple of hours, she responded and said that two ladies were heading out soon and I could travel with them if I could get on their flight. 

Very soon. As in 14 DAYS!!!!

Ok Lord, you said Go, and I am going. 

There's room left on the flight! 
I put it on hold waiting for the ok from the orphanage. 
My mother in law is called in to action to help with the kids. 
I start making plans to get vaccinated. 
I start a shopping list. 

Then, less than 24 hours after deciding to obey and "Go".........

We got a call that our paperwork that we have waited 10 weeks for is ready!!!!!!

We could have a court date as early as beginning of Nov. 

I don't believe this is a coincidence. I believe that God was asking us to obey. 
Without questions, without protesting. 

Just obey. 

And God has put that "Go" on hold for now, until we get the call that we can go meet our babies. 

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