Sunday, August 28, 2011


We got an unbelievable email this week. 

The folks at Promise 686 emailed us to let us know about a donation that had come in for our account. 

A $5000.00 donation. 

Yes, that's 5 THOUSAND dollars!!!

Immediately, I emailed back to ask who gave it. I wanted to know who to thank. 

It was an anonymous donation. 

We hope to show our thanks by being obedient. By continuing down this road even when it gets difficult. To obey and follow God even when it doesn't make sense. To be patient and rest in God's timing. 

And above all to thank God for being the author of this awesome story. 


Parents of a Dozen said...

WOW! That is awesome, I will keep you in our prayers.

Amy said...

That is awesome. God is good!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, how awesome! Praise God!