Thursday, June 23, 2011

My take

I posted this article yesterday, but I believe it deserves another post. 

I have been really pondering it and praying about how I feel about this article. 

This is a really touchy subject.

Most of my family and friends are Christians.

And most have not adopted. 

Most of them feel like it's a great thing that we are doing. And are very supportive. 

But most will never go on to adopt. 

A lot have thought about it. 

But there are reasons why they either can't or wont. 

I don't want to get up on a soapbox and declare that you aren't "christian enough" if you don't adopt. I don't think that way at all.

But I do want to bring light to this. 

Christians are called to care for orphans and widows.


We are all called. 

And there are many ways to do that. 

One is adoption. 

Christians should consider it. 

Pray and ask God if adoption is a way that you can obey the command to care. 


Lara said...

Bravely said.

Unknown said...

I thought the article was really well communicated. And, I appreciate your particular response to it. I agree--I don't think all Christians have been called specifically to adoption. However, I do think all Christians should consider orphans and what they ARE called to do.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. I recently said in my small group that I see very few reasons why a family living in a 3 or 4 bedroom house with 1 or 2 biological kids, with a stay-at-home mom should not adopt, or at the very least, foster a child. (of course that went over like a lead balloon) We would take 3 of them in a minute (if social services would let us without saying that we don't have room/money for the 6 bios we already have). Just as we are commanded to GO (period.) we are commanded to take care of the widows and orphans - not just pray for those who do, not just be supportive, but to GO and DO IT. (which may be adopting, or may be helping to finance one/more, work in an orphanage, etc.) I have very little tolerance for excuses of why the millions of "Christians" in America cannot or simply will not just knock it out when there are so (relatively) few orphans in America compared to those abroad. And if we (being Christians) would then go abroad to adopt in droves, we could erradicate that problem as well.... IF we treated it as a command... The bigger issue here: So much of God's word is treated as suggestion or "something to think about" rather than Truth and command.