Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's AMAZING....

What a little sleep will do.

I have had a couple nights of (Niquil induced) good sleep and I feel like a different person! Vivian has slept in her bed the last two nights (fairly quietly) and she has sleep pretty well.

We went for a 2nd opinion yesterday and the ENT took one look at hers (and Leah's) tonsils and said they have extremely large tonsils that aren't that way due to sickness, they are just genetically large. So he recommends having them out. The thing is that we do have to wait for Vivian to turn three or else she would have to be admitted to the hospital. So I am planning for 12/28, the Monday after Christmas. I think she will be fine until then as long as she doesn't get sick.

So there is an end in sight!!

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