Thursday, April 16, 2009

A few funnies

A couple of days ago, Vivian was in a foul mood when she got up. So after a few min I put her back in her bed. I thought she was asleep and about 20 min later Leah and Madi were playing out in the hallway and I hear, "Guys!!! Hey Guys!!! I'm sweepin' in here!!"

We were outside today and Madi and Leah are chatting. Mind you, I am sitting next to the them.
Leah, "Madi, are we taking a bath tonight?"
Madi: "I don't know, ask mama."
Leah: "Mama, are we taking a bath tonight?"
Me: "Yes."
Leah (to Madi) "We are taking a bath tonight so we don't have to clean out our toes right now!"

I was holding Mercy like a baby the other day and Vivian was next to me. Vivi got right in my face and said, "Mama, let she go."

Who needs tv? :)

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