Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Talk a good first impression!

We are applying Mackenzie and Madison to go to a private christian school next year. And last night they had an open house. So we decided that we would just take all the girls. No big deal right?

We go in and sit down in the assembly armed with snacks and drinks. Madison instantly started complaining. She was hungry, tired, etc. We of course, had to go potty several times because that's just how we roll. So finally the assembly starts and we are trying to listen to the presentation and Vivian starts getting antsy. So Tim took her back to the back. Then Madison starts saying her stomach hurt. So I sent her back to stand with Tim. Honestly, I was tired of listening to the complaining. A few min later, the headmaster came over and told me that I was needed in the hallway. So I walk out into the hallway and there is Madison sitting on the floor with a completely white face. She had thrown up in several spots down the hallway while trying to get to the bathroom. You know those times as a mom, where you wish the floor would swallow you up? Um yeah. So I take her in the bathroom while the headmaster calls the janitor team to come and clean up the mess. Madison felt much better, of course, and didn't want to leave. And I really wanted Mackenzie to be able to go on the tour. So I stayed out in the hallway with the littles while Tim went back into the assembly with Kenz. After a few min we went on a tour of the school. They split us up, so I took the little girls and Tim took Mackenzie. We went and looked at the gym, the tech center and the library. And Vivian talked and complained the entire time. I mean she literally DID NOT STOP TALKING!! So we finally make it down to the kindergarten room to look around and get a feel for what they do and Vivian wants out of the stroller. So I pick her up and she is soaking wet. Her diaper had leaked like never before. All over her and all over the stroller. And the best part was that she had eaten a chocolate cookie while we in the assembly and it was now pasted all over her pants and her stroller. You can imagine what it looked like. So I pull her to the back of the classroom to try to discreetly change her clothes, her diaper and clean up the stroller. All while she is documenting everything in her not-so-inside voice! Then Madison had to go potty again. I guess she just wanted to be able to say she had been in every potty in the building. I am sure they will be calling us soon.


Cristy said...

Hope the school works out for you! Sounds like you had a rough evening :)

Audrey B said...

Thanks. We are BEYOND thrilled with the prospect of them going there. I am just beside myself.

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness Audrey, what a night! One of those that is beyond stressful at the time, but funny later.
I hope the school works out!