Monday, October 27, 2008

Today in the boondocks

It's cold, and super windy. And today was the day we had to be out of the house early for my dr's appt. It went great by the way, in and out in 15 min.

So we ran to Kroger for some deals. We get there and open the doors of the van and all our "stuff" (papers, trash, jackets, etc) starts blowing out due to the wind. So I am running around grabbing all our "stuff" and putting it back in the car. Then begins the fight of putting coats on. So we finally get out of the car and go in. We find a car cart where a fight promptly breaks out with who is going to ride in and clean it off. So I hand everyone a wipe and they go to town wiping down the entire thing. I convince Madi that it's super fun to walk with mama, so she can help me.

We are not even down the first aisle when the child who came to blows over riding in the car cart wants to get out. Yeah, right.

Off we go to find our deals. It wasn't crowded (thank you Lord!) so we didn't get in many people's way. The ones that did come across our path were usually nice except for the lady in the produce dept. Apparently she felt like my four year old was out to get her b/c she bumped into her. And was visibly upset when Madi wouldn't apologize. Honey if that ruins your day, come spend some quality time with us! So for the 15th time during the trip, I have to stop and explain the importance of staying next to mama and not getting in anyone's way. Oh yeah and by the way, could you just obey me so we don't have to keep stopping and prolonging the trip.

I realize when we are almost done that I didn't get hummus, which of course is on the other side of the store. So we took the opportunity to get some deli meat. The sweet lady asked me how I would like it sliced. Quickly, that's how.

I picked up lunchables as tokens of bribery but that quickly backfired b/c I knew full well that I was going to give them to them no matter what b/c I didn't feel like making sandwiches today. So I grabbed a bag of candy corn and used that for the checkout. Coupons really add to the checking out process.

I love Kroger's policy of NOT helping you to your car too. Especially on days like today. And I was counting my blessings as I realized that Vivian had soaked through her clothes and I had to change her sad little behind in the freezing car. Even more blessings when I got home and everyone wanted to "help" me put everything away. Loving the tomatoes that were bumped on the way in and the pineapple juice that was tracked in all the way from the garage. I also loved that while cutting up all the yummy fruit, I was summoned b/c someone had an accident. How fun!

I was truly thankful for all these little blessings today because my dr gave me a clean bill of health on the lumps I had removed. No cancer, not even pre-cancer. When you start your day out like that it's a huge reminder of how gracious our God is.


Cristy said...

YIPPEEE!!! I am so glad you got your results back! PTL for that great report!

Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord :)

Just a small doctors visit to keep life in perspective.....thank you Lord for those little reminders.