Friday, June 27, 2008

How many words a day... women speak? Well, there seems to be a varying range when you google. Dr Dobson says 50,000 while others say it's more like 20,000. Either way when you have 4 daughters, that equals a whole lot of talking! And yes, Vivian is only 18 months old and is by FAR the earliest talker we have had. She's been talking well for months now. And we homeschool, so they're all always here! So by my calculation I am listening to anywhere from 80,000-200,000 words every day. Just typing this makes me feel anxious. No wonder I feel like I am going to snap at any second. I just need four more sets of ears. Because I really do need one set devoted to my husband. He says maybe 10 words a day and I would really like to hear them.

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