Thursday, May 15, 2008

We are the proud parents of.....

A middle-schooler. Mackenzie's last day of school was yesterday. My MIL says she likes to think of it as "mental school." I think that's a VERY appropriate description.

She had a great day at Kings. They got out at noon, so we left dance early to go pick her up. Then we went to over to the park to meet some friends. It was raining when we got there but we decided to go under the pavilion and eat and wait it out. GREAT idea. The rain stopped and we had the park to ourselves for a while. We had a great time.

Last night was Mackenzie's award ceremony for Word Of Life at a church near us. Tim had to work late so I decided I would just take the girls. You probably know where this is headed. Since we were at the park yesterday, Vivian didn't get a good nap. I actually got dinner cooked before we had to go. So we were doing good. Mackenzie needs to be there early so we get her settled and the littles and I find where we need to go, go potty (of course!) and just stand outside the sanctuary for a few minutes. Finally I decide that we should go in and get a seat. I didn't really think about it until this very moment, but the kids at this church have children's church. So no one is used to having little kids in the service like at our church. But I thought mine would do fine since Madi and Leah would like the presentation and Vivian could eat snack. Well, we were about 10 minutes into it when Vivian couldn't take it anymore. I was trying to help her with her cheerios and she yelling, "MINE!!!!!" Um how old are you? So I took Vivian and Leah out and Madi wanted to stay and watch. We went right outside the door so I could still see Madi. Well, that lasted about 2 minutes before they wanted to walk around. So we start to walk around the hall. Then I see that the main doors to the sanctuary are open. So I try to quietly turn them in the other direction. This is when it got really interesting. Leah tripped and hit her mouth on a couch that had very hard legs. She's screaming and bleeding. I pick her and Vivian takes off and RACES for the open door (which by this time is starting to close. I am sure the people near it were loving the noise.) So I have got Leah in one arm bleeding and screaming and I pick Vivian up by the arm to try to get away from the door. At this point God sent an angel from heaven to me. This super sweet lady came from around the corner and asked if she could help. So I literally THROW Vivian to her who thankfully went happily to this stranger, so that I could see if any of Leah's teeth fell out. Ruth (isn't that an angelic name?) took us down to the kitchen where she got us ice and paper towels. Then she went (with Vivian still in her arms) to her classroom and got us candy and a bracelet for each of them. It's only at this point that I realize Madi is still sitting in the sanctuary by herself!! So I race back down there and we go back in and sit with Madi. For about 2 min before Vivian is at it again. We spent the rest of the time alternating between standing in the back of the sanctuary so that we could see Mackenzie get her award and out in the hall way.

Vivian topped the night off by setting of the car alarm as we were waiting for Mackenzie. We were still inside the church and I could see the poor people jump from the window. And since this is a rental I wasn't quite sure how to turn it off for a couple of minutes. Fun times!

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Anonymous said...

Your stories are so entertaining!! It's like watching a sitcom, really... I hope I'm as patient a mama of 4 as you are.