Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

What a great idea to have a day dedicated to mother's! But this year my thinking has changed towards this day. I heard something today that really sums up the way I feel about being honored today. Today is a day to celebrate being a mother. To celebrate these wonderful miracles that God has placed in my life. And instead of thinking of what things my family could do for me, how about thinking of how I can show my gratitude for them? What a thought! This is a day that I can really put into perspective the gift God has given me. I am going to be thankful for the diaper I have to change, the fight that I broke up, the screaming child in the back seat, the mess on the floor, etc. Sure, it's tough. No question. But in those moments they are growing up so fast. I don't want to miss one minute!

Today is a bittersweet day. I miss my mother. I miss my son. But I am so incredibly thankful that God made me a mother! What a precious gift and I pray that all my girls will receive this wonderful gift of their own one day.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers in my life! I treasure you!


Tiffany said...

hum......very good thoughts, audrey. i needed to hear/read that :)

LOVE the new blog layout!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful sentiment. i spent yesterday with a sick child, laundry, dishes, and dirty floors... and although it frustrated me at the beginning that I had all this to do (at 37 weeks pregnant, no less), I am thankful for it, because it means I have children to love and take care of, and a husband who honors me every day with his love for me and for them.

Butterfly Kisses said...

Hey! I really enjoyed reading your blog! I am going to bookmark it and check back!