Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days?

I had one today. Vivian is sick. Making this the 7th week in a row that someone has been sick in this house. We started potty-training this week. And that's going well except that Vivian is obsessed with the potty. So when she's not attached to my hip crying, she's pushing the potty around crying. Madison and Leah are about off their rocker due to being in the house for so long. They don't even remember what their friends look like. Mackenzie is a little emotional these days. So everything is a battle. Today we were working on a paper, and I made the mistake of doing my job and helping her see her mistakes. Crying. As we were working in the office, Madison and Leah are helping themselves to the contents of the fridge and trying to let the mail lady in the door. Spankings, more crying. Then we move to the laundry room, where they have pulled the shoes and socks out of their neat little bins so they can use the bins as race cars. So, cleaning up sparks more crying. As we're cleaning, I look down and see that Vivian is choking. All out, not breathing, turning blue choking. I hang up on Aimee and scoop her up and she throws up all over the floor. I am hoping the penny that came out was the cause of the choking. More crying. I am extremely thankful that she threw it up though. I don't know how to do the heimlich on a baby. Note to self: Find a child safety class that Tim and I can take, in our spare time.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I would come up there and give you a break (or at least just take a few of them off your hands so you can have a minute to yourself) in a minute if I could!! Today has got to be better for you! I'll be praying.

Audrey B said...

Today was better!