Friday, February 1, 2008

Funny sites on our trip

When you take a driving excursion across the country for two days with four kids, you have to do something to keep it interesting. So Tim and I found things that were funny and took pictures of them.

What are they going to do, start shooting from the sky if they catch you speeding?

An indoor village?

Ok, is it weird that a billboard, completely makes me go off about our society? It's all about you? No wonder our society is in the state that it's in!

Evidence that there are rednecks everywhere. This was in CT.
We could not live in this town, our kids only know how to get sick or hurt themselves after 11pm.

Ok, I REALLY hope they have tested the brakes, before entering the highway!?!?!?!
Don't let the kids look at this one

What a name

Do not adjust your computer, yes it's duck tape holding the trunk together.
They are going to spray your car so that it wont be icy, brillant!!

One might think that the country is the only place you might find a live bait vending machine, but no, this is NJ.
Madison again
New York again

If we ever eat another hamburger, it will be too soon
This is a pest control company in RI
This is the exit of Tim's first apt.
We made it!
How did they do that?
Funny name

Lots to do in this town huh?
This is just the car that welcomed us to New England by promptly trying to run us off the road. Welcome back!!
Self explanatory
We felt like the Griswold's in Christmas Vacation so this was very fitting
You can't see this well, my husband doesn't see the need to slow down for a good photo op, but anyway it says that for littering, the fine is between $55 and $500 dollars. I am guessing it depends on what you throw out. A kid is probably closer to $500

We're home!!

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very entertaining!! thanks for sharing!