Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our eventful afternoon

Yesterday we were getting ready to go get Mackenzie from King's and I was changing diapers next to the kitchen. I have no changing table, we just use wherever. Anyway, I was changing Leah's diaper and Vivian and Madison were in the kitchen. I am CONSTANTLY telling Madison to not pick Vivian up or don't pull on her or whatever, and all of sudden Vivian lets out this blood-curdling scream and blood goes everywhere. I leave Leah on the floor with no diaper and run for Vivian. She's bleeding pretty bad from the mouth. So I am trying to keep pressure on her mouth while she's flailing around and call Tim at the same time because someone has to get Mackenzie. I call him 17 times with no answer. By this time it has been 10 min and her mouth is still bleeding, so I call my mother-in-law who lives right by the school to pick up Mackenzie. I then try to nurse Vivian and give her a bottle to calm her down to see if I can look at her mouth. It's been about 25 min at this point and it's not gushing anymore. Then Madison says, "Mama, Leah pee peed on the the floor!" Now wouldn't this have been a perfect opportunity for the child to use her potty skills? Apparently not. Vivian's mouth finally stopped bleeding and I saw that she cut her gum but also cut that frenulum on the top which can cause you to have a space between your teeth. Bonus! Maybe we wont have to have braces for her.

Poor Vivian though. She had a fat lip and it's still swollen today. That was her first bleeding boo boo. Let the games begin!

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