Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I am constantly being showed that nothing I have is truly mine. As some of you know, I started a diet last week on my journey to lose some major weight. And everyday since then Madison and Leah want my slimfast shakes and bars. I try to explain to them as they eat their delicious meals that mine aren't as good. But they just don't get it.

So this morning, I go down to start a load of laundry. Only to come back and find Leah drinking my shake. "I drink your chocolate milk!" Of course you do.


Anonymous said...

awww. how funny. kids really do teach us a lot, don't they?

PS - I was cleaning out some boxes in the attic for a garage sale this weekend and came across my Electricity video. The girls didn't want to watch it at first, but now they've put it in twice on their own. It's so hard for me not to get up and start doing the Disney routine in the living room. Ahhh... those were the days! ;o)

Audrey B said...

I would probably fall out if I tried to dance like that again. Mackenzie doesn't believe that I could ever dance!

Aimee said...

Too funny! :)

Anonymous said...

I should bring the tape up with me to let you have it while we're in TN... she'll believe you after she sees it!! :)