Monday, September 17, 2007

Sad moment

Vivian is now 9 months old going on 25. She no longer requires the services of her excersaucer, jumperoo, bumbo seat or anything else that even comes close to holding her in one spot for more than half a second. So this weekend we started putting all that stuff up. As we walking, Tim looked really sad. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. And then I said, "Are you sad?" And he said, "Yes, are you?" My answer ASTONISHED me!!! My answer was yes. It was a little bit sad to put these things away thinking we will probably not use them again. Someone just slap me!! :)


Anonymous said...

well, you could always give those things to me when I'm up there in Dec/Jan and I'll keep them for you for a year or two and give them back if you ever need them. :) Would that make you feel better?

(and no, we don't know yet.... just trying to plan ahead...)

Jules said...

Oh Audrey - I so understand your pain!! I'm sure Alison has shared with you how tough my pregnancies are, but yet I long for another one! Everyone thinks I'm nuts, and we made sure I couldn't be pregnant again, but my heart just hurts sometimes when I look at my youngest (of 3) and know he's the last one. No more bouncy seats, baby food, rattles, tiny diapers. But, I just keep watching that TLC show "Bringing home baby" and see the sleep deprivation and I feel a little better.

So how do you like the regent in your van?

Becky said...

Aww, I totally understand that feeling! Due in December, but because of how sick i have been, we have already decided this is the last. So i am going into it knowing every little thing will be the last. I am trying to memorize the feeling of every movement. Every little thing we do to prepare.

Tiffany said...

Awww.....I cannot imagine!!!

My cousin just had a pregnancy SCARE and once it was over (she was not preg) she really realized that perhaps she is not as positive as she thought about no more kids. She had her hubby cancel the snipping...just in case in 5 years she changes her mind. (he is freaking out!)
That is the only thing that scares me about the permanance...what if.....?????????

But I am still selling all my baby stuff. If I ever have to go through this again I want ALL NEW STUFF. Yes....nice material possessions will make me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

I do get to have all new stuff this time around, since we sold all our old stuff 2 years ago... I may even get a new house and vehicle out of the deal, since we don't have enough room for #4! check your email by the way, if you haven't already.

Audrey B said...

I am so excited for you guys!!