Tuesday, February 6, 2007

No brain cells left

So, we ventured out last weekend on one of our first outings as a family since Vivian came on the scene. Madison needed some shoes. So we go to the shoe store. We find Mackenzie some cleats for softball. Instead of going back to the car we decide to walk down to another shoes store. We find Mackenzie and I some church shoes, no shoes for Madison. At this point we go back to the car. As we are walking, I am looking for the keys. I can't find them. I ask Tim where he put them. He reminded me that I drove so he didn't have them. We get back to the car and I am getting more and more agitated (4 children at a shoe store will do that to a person) and I still can't find the keys. I decide to try to open the door and low and behold there sit the keys on my drivers seat. Please step right in and steal my car!!!

So no more driving for me. We go to another shoe store and Tim runs in while I am nursing the baby. No success there either. It is lunchtime by this point (how it got so late, I don't know) so we went and had some pizza. After lunch we go to Walmart where we look for shoes with no success. We get busy looking for softball things for Mackenzie and a few other misc items we needed from Walmart. We get in the car and realize we are about to miss softball signups. So we rush home. We went by the school (Vivian crying the whole way) and the signups were over. So we go home and realize that after 5+ hours out of the house, poor Madison STILL has no shoes.

Where did the brain cells go?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's the nursing.... it sucks them right out of us,and into the babies... then we wonder how they are all-of-the-sudden so much smarter than we are.... even barefoot.

Love ya!!