Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Houston, We have contact!!!

Madison is officially potty trained. Tim has been home a lot over the past few weeks (Perks of being a landscaper) and he potty trained Madi. We did the whole "naked for a day" thing. She held out for HOURS before she finally went. In fact Leah went before she did. But she finally did. It's been two weeks now and with only two accidents, that by the freaked her out so bad that she will never do it again, I can say with certainty that she is trained. It's a good thing because for a month we had 3 in diapers!!!

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Anonymous said...

that's great! i'm thrilled that Shannon is now trained, too. She held out for so long in pull-ups and diapers that i thought it may never happen.... but i put my foot down with my mother-in-law making her wear panties, and now she's done! (just need to get the night-time thing done now.... which took Molly till she was almost 6....sigh)