Wednesday, August 2, 2006

5th baby

I have found that with this 5th baby, everything is different. I am getting bigger faster. I am more and more tired. But according to my sweet husband, I am still glowing. So here you go, 21 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

there's the beautiful momma!! it's so good to finally see you! yes, i would say bigger faster... no offense ;-) i know you know what i mean.

plans are coming together for my 10 year reunion. i want to go, more so i can see you than anything, though... there's not really anyone else i care that much about seeing from my class. i just want to hang out with you for a few days instead!

not sure if i'm going anyway, though, because i'm planning on going to see little sister Megan dance at OKC University in early Oct. Just pray that God provides the funds, and maybe I can do both, somehow.

i miss you so much. i'm glad you posted again. talk to ya soon!

Tiffany said...

You look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot wait for my #5 :)