Sunday, July 10, 2011

Typical day in the life....

This is how we roll around here. 

We need a desk for our room. One way that we are accommodating two more children is to turn our office into a bedroom. So, we need a small desk to put our computer in our bedroom. I would like to find something old/vintage/funky. I went to a couple of antique stores on Sat but I totally struck out. 

I have a friend who told me about a great antique store in Ringgold and I had mentioned it to the man a while back. He got a wild hair after church on Sun, and decided we would take a road trip. I did mention to him that it may not be open on Sundays. I also mentioned that I didn't know exactly where it was or even the name of it and I couldn't find it online. But he thought we would be fine without any of that info.  

He takes the girls to Chattanooga a couple of times a year, and he was sure that Ringgold is about an hour from our house. So we borrowed our neighbors trailer and headed off. 

Just for any of you in the area, Ringgold is not an hour from us. It's more like almost 2 hours. Even if you know the name of the where you're going, none of the antique store are open on Sun. And Ringgold sustained quite a bit of damage from a tornado that hit back in April. So if you decide to drive two hours to an antique store that's closed, there will be no where to stop and eat. 

Just some facts you may want to know. ;)

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