Friday, March 25, 2011

My Week in Review @ Filled with Praise

Filled With Praise

Amy @ Filled With Praise is doing My Week in Review, so I am linking up.

Here are my highs and lows of the week....

{Greatest High}
God heard the cries of His people and moved a mountain this week in regards to our adoption

{Lowest Low}
I spent the night in the hospital with a friend whose father had a massive stroke. My heart breaks for her and her family and I am praying for peace and healing in the days to come as they make decisions for his care.

Want to share your highs and lows? Head on over to Filled With Praise and link up.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for linking up. I am so happy that He is moving mountains for your adoption. LOVE IT!

I just said a prayer for your friend's father. Praying for comfort and strength during this time.

Lauren said...

It's always exciting when mountains in the adoption world come crashing down! So happy for you!

Just prayed for your friend's father - that's so difficult.