Friday, November 12, 2010

The warfare of adoption and orphan care

We attended a fundraising dinner for our adoption agency Covenant Care Services this week. They are moving towards having an Atlanta branch and we are really excited about all that thay are doing to bring awareness to adoption. This is not just another adoption agency. They are truly a Christ-honoring, gospel-driven agency. It's really amazing to know the good that God is doing through this group of people.

The keynote speaker was Voddie Baucham who is a pastor out of Tx and also an adoptive father. His message was very encouraging and needed. Satan waged war with God long ago and the battle is still very much alive and well. Christians need to be aware and engaged in the battle.

We also were blessed to hear the testimony of Ryan Scott through song. This was really neat for me because I had stumbled upon his blog last week and was encouraged to see his beautifully colorful family. You must go to his website and listen to the song that he wrote for his birthmom that he has never met. Have your tissues ready.

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Unknown said...

Voddie Baucham is one of our favorite pastors! I'm envious that you got to hear him in person!!