Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paper pregnant

I found this shirt online today. It's catchy and I "get it." I can see how you can relate waiting for a baby to being like a pregnancy. Our pregnancies have all been surprises. We never sat down and decided when we felt it would be the right time to have a baby. So in that way, I do feel like I am experiencing an aspect of being a mom that I never have before. I am able to plan a little better. Although I am quite aware that this is all in God's timing and not mine. I do get the joy of thinking about our baby without the heartburn, weight gain and swollen ankles. This is definitely an exciting time for our family.

On  the other hand, there's a momma out there who is (or perhaps will be, depending on God's plan) experiencing all of those things and more. Not only is she experiencing all the discomforts, she knows in her heart that she will not be able to provide for this life that she is carrying. She probably feels alone and scared. Her family may not be supportive of her. And I know it will not be easy for her to give her baby away. As God prepares us for this joyful addition, we are not naive to think that there wont be heartache for one family while ours celebrates. Adoption is trauma. At the heart of every adoption is a mother who couldn't or wouldn't take care of her child. I am praying for this momma and the family that our baby will come from. I pray that she will take care of herself and of her baby as best as she can.  I pray that God will comfort her and show Himself to her through this time.

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