Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new chapter

This week begins a new chapter in our family.

One that will be exciting and busy. And is unlike the last few years of constant diaper changes and nap schedules. Times they are a changin'!!

Mackenzie will be in 7th grade. She is starting this year at a new school and (Lord willing) last school. She is doing volleyball and assisting on a Christian cheerleading squad.

Madison will starting Kindergarten. I feel like the year of K that we did at home has really prepared her for school. She's already reading so I think she will feel confident in her class. She is also going to be doing karate and and she really wants to play softball in the spring.

Leah will taking ballet, reading, music and art.

And miss Vivian is going to be taking ballet.

And mommy is going to be a professional chauffer.

It was hard to imagine when they were all so little, that this day would ever come. And I have been overwhelmed at how fast time has gone. I am so thankful that God has shown me this and helped me to see the need to just ENJOY them.

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