Thursday, June 11, 2009

A few updates

-A couple of months ago, we got our first dog. Three weeks later, she bit Leah and had to return to the rescue. The whole family has been sad. She was a really sweet dog, just not good with kids.

-After two days of pee pee on the floor, the chair, the rug, Mackenzie, etc we have decided that Vivian is NOT ready for potty training. She knows when and where but doesn't connect that she has to stop and go. So we will wait a few months and try again.

- We have officially been accepted to a wonderful Christian school for the fall. Mackenzie will be in 7th grade and Madison will be in kindergarten. This is a HUGE answer to years of prayer about schooling. We are very excited and working through the summer for the girls to be ready. Mackenzie finished her 6th grade year well but the bar is raised now, so we are working on math and language arts through the summer to better prepare her for the workload next year. It's going to be a lot of work and a change for all of us. But we are so excited!

- We are still in the process of choosing a program for our adoption. Apparently when you already have multiple children, your options are limited. Please be praying with us that God would make clear to us the path that we should choose.

-We are loving our new church home. It is such a blessing to our family. We have found the love of the body of Christ like never before. The girls all enjoy their classes. Mackenzie has made friends there and has gotten involved with the a ministry for the teenagers that builds leadership skills. Tim and I are really enjoying the parenting class that we attend on Sun mornings. Very practical application for parents based on biblical principles. And most importantly, our pastor is faithfully commited to teaching the word of God.

-After a couple of years of rough roads with our business, things are going well. We are so thankful for God's provision in that area.

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