Thursday, September 4, 2008

No brain cells

This did all happen while I was thinking about what was going on with Erica (see my previous post) but still...

I am out of black ink and I needed to make a return at Walmart. So after lunch I loaded the girls up and drove to Walmart. I get to Walmart, find a parking space near a cart drop off, get a cart, put the cart cover in it, put everyone's shoes back on (they like to remove them the second we get in the car) head in, get the ink, get 10 pks of clean team wipes, play musical cart with who wants to ride and who wants to walk, pick up Leah who is running when she's not supposed to be, runs into a lady and starts screaming at the top of her lungs, quickly switch seating arrangements so she is not walking anymore, grab an All You magazine, load all the things on to a belt at a register, wait for the lady to return to check us out, lady does not return, load things back into the cart and reload at another register, give her my coupons, wait while she thoroughly looks over each one, pay, get the girls in the car, go put the cart back, buckle everyone and head home. I notice on my way that I didn't do the return. Oh well no biggie, I have got more coupons that will expire soon so I will be back. So here I am, ready to put the cartridge in so I can print the coupons I need during nap..... and it's the wrong cartridge. It's the color one.

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Jason and Rebecca said...

This sounds like my shopping experiences.