Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally posting pictures from our trip

And there are lots to see!!

The girls waiting for the plane

Madi and Leah settled into their movie

Vivian and I having a great time! She didn't want to be in the B'air vest with me.

This is after she escaped as we pulled into the gate in Boston

Madison with Tyler, two peas in a pod.

You know I will have to throw a picture in with a cute outfit. :)
Daddy "D" with the littles
Isn't this precious?
Leah had to get in on the action, of course.

We went to this great place called Davis Farmland. The girls had a blast!
Leah and Nana Nana feeding the goat
The girls with Nana Nana on the hayride
They had the coolest little spinkler area to cool off in. I love this picture of Madi guiding Leah. How sweet!
Isn't that awesome?!?!?!?
Yes, my girls are the only ones with their shoes on. Germs, EWW!!!!
Madison having a great time shooting the water guns

The girls hanging with Aunt Sarah

Tyler is a master fire-starter

Sitting around the firepit

My sweety sweet

Sarah and Kenz

Family photo op time!!

My dad and sister Sarah

Mackenzie, Sarah, me, Michelle, and Madi

Tyler and Kenz

Me, my dad and Sarah

Daddy "D" and Kenz

Mackenzie and Vivian reading

Erica and Leah

Erica and I

(yes, I am PAINFULLY aware at how old I am. I was 14 when she was born and now she's a beautiful young lady!)

The girls making mousse with Nana Nana

The trip home

I straightened Leah and Madi's hair and they are wearing their "My dad rocks!" shirts.

Mackenzie is ready to be home. This is airport #2 for the day.

Madison is over it.

Yes, I resorted to candy that will probably the cause of a cavity for a few moments of peace on the plane.

My thoughts EXACTLY!

Don't let them fool you. That lasted for about 2 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Loks like you guys had lots of fun. I so admire you for traveling with all 4 girls by yourself. You are one brave mama!!

Tiffany said...

what a cool trip!!! looks like everyone had a blast.

soooo....when ya comin OUT HERE?! :)

A Family of Searses said...

You did a great job!!! What a Mommy you are. MANY KUDOS!!!

Becky said...

AHHH... Kenz is taller than Sarah!!! When did that happen?